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Packing services


When you're fresh out of college and you have barely enough to fill a suitcase, packing your own things for moving seems like a small thing. But life goes on. Few years down the road... Busy life, family, bigger house, and even the very thought of packing... gives you cramps in the stomach. Seems familiar?

We're here to take that load of your shoulders. We are SO well-versed in the art and the science of packing that what seams like a mountain to a regular family may not even be a hill for us. Plus you will LOVE our prices:

Let me give you an example:

 On a local move where our prices are on hourly basis we charge ONLY $35/hr more for full service packing, which provides you with AS MANY packing materials as you need for your move. No limits. Yes, you read it right - Wardrobe boxes? YES, Dishpacks? ABSOLUTELY! Packing paper and bubble wrap? OBVIOUSLY! We will pack ALL your pictures, mirrors, clothing, dishes, decorations, tools and whatever else you need to move and we will NEVER ask you for more money. 

 How about long distance moving? Is it SO MUCH MORE? 

Not really.  We base our charges on the cubic foot, and depending on the amount of cubic feet price goes up from about $0.90 to $0.35 the larger your load the less you pay for us to pack. See, we buy packing materials whole-sale. AND we want your business. So, the more "headache" we can remove from you as our customer, the greater will be your satisfaction with the final result. 

 Last, but not least. We KNOW HOW to pack. We can ONLY guarantee the safety of your boxed belongings if WE do the job. Even the moving insurance will not cover your things in the box if that box was not packed by a professional mover. It's the liability thing. It is also the sound of reason. Call us TODAY. Let us come and see what needs to be done and then - be ready to  be blessed with how EASY everything seems to be put into place. 


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