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Our  desire is SIMPLE - to get your belongings into your new home with the  most efficiency, speed and care possible. However we all know that no  one is perfect, so things (Accidents) may happen during your move. Even  though that is a very unfortunate and an undesired thing, we're here to  help. Please take your time to fill out the form below and answer all  the questions so we can assist you in resolving your claim in the best  way possible.

 PLEASE READ the following excerpt from your contract before submitting  your claim: 5. Undersigned hereby releases My Angel Movers of all  responsibility for any belongings packed in the boxes by the customer.  _____ (Initials) Any plastic bags or boxes under 10"x10"x10" will be  accepted by the movers ONLY as a sole responsibility and liability of  the Shipper. No insurance coverage is provided by My Angel Movers for  those items. 6. Undersigned hereby releases My Angel Movers from all  responsibilities in the handling and/or transporting of unpacked items,  including but not limited to: mirrors, marble, pictures, glass, glass  top, lamps, lamp shades, box springs, mattresses, all press wood  furniture and other unpacked fragile items. _____ (Initials) 7.  Undersigned is aware that attempting to move a piece into an area with a  difficult entry is their liability. My Angel Movers is not insured for  any damages caused to furniture or property as a result of difficult  access. Undersigned consciously accepts the risk of such damages-  particularly to door case, wall ceiling etc. _____ (Initials) 8.  Undersigned hereby releases My Angel Movers of all responsibility for  any personal documents and/or valuables - such as accounts, bills,  currency, deeds, money, notes, securities, jewelry, watches, precious  stones, art work, etc , unless the item(s) have been declared in writing  to the carrier prior to transport. ______ (Initials) 9. Should the  shipper (customer) not declare a specific value of the shipment and  therefore not pay the additional valuation coverage, then the  undersigned hereby agrees to My Angel Movers having limited liability as  specified in the ___.60____ per pound article valuation coverage. *

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