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Choosing a right mover for you!



Moving is full of options. There are dozens of Moving Companies right around you and they all have "their little difference" in the way they do business. How are they different? what is their "rep"? Then, mainly,... what is YOUR need?
Here are the three BASIC options... just to "scratch the surface": 

  • "DO-IT-YOURSELF" - Obviously if you're all about saving, nobody can do it cheaper than if you do it yourself. No matter if you rent a truck or just a POD, there is ONE IMPORTANT thing to do - count the cost. ALL the cost. Remember, your time cost something too. Then you can call around and see, IS IT really that much cheaper? Is it really worth all the hassle?


  • "BASIC-SERVICE move" - Let's say you have the time and the "know-how" to pack. Plus you don't really want strangers touching your things anyhow. You just don't want to load and/or drive the truck. Be it up the street, or cross-country, that is still the hardest part of the work. If you go locally, in addition to the hourly cost the questions will be, "How many guys will come to do it?", "What is the list of ALL charges?", "Who and HOW wraps my mirrors?", "Will crew be able to communicate with you in the same language?" If your moving afar, then ask, "what is your delivery window?", "am I paying for storage?", HERE is a good one: "WHO is going to deliver - some hired carrier, or the same company's own crew?" There are hundreds more. Which ones are important for you? 
  • "FULL-SERVICE move" - Okay, what does it really mean? We've known companies that will call their blanket wrapping, loading and unloading "full service..." In our thinking FULL service is defined by that that one word: FULL. That would mean you let a company come to your house JUST the way it is when you're living in it. You would pull up a chair and just "let it happen" right in front of your eyes. ALL INCLUDED. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Is that what you're thinking? What you need?

So, ask the right questions. Some companies will "custom-built" your move around what you want. Main thing is to get the definitions and then continue on to the next stage!

Research the right mover!
Research the right mover!



PLEASE make sure this is done right. You may not have a big place and your estimate can be done over-the-phone, but please give your representative ALL the possible information. Is your place four-floors up the stairs? Do you have narrow hallways or tight corners? All those details will affect the time of both loading and unloading. Do you want your price to stay unchanged? Are you after the true "BINDING" ESTIMATE? then here is what you do: 

  • Give your sales rep ALL the information on the phone to see if you like the company's prices and policies. Ask for an "average" for your size of the residence and try to "feel" if the company is simply "right for you".


  • If you have more than Three bedrooms in your home - feel free to ask for an on-site estimate. That is basically the ONLY way to be sure that you're not cheated. Ask for ALL the details and condition of your move to be reflected on paper and for the estimate to be "BINDING". 
  • When the estimator comes to your door, make sure you "walk with him" through ALL details of your move that are important for you! Yes, show him/her everything that needs to be moved, but ALSO, talk it over if you need boxes marked in a special way. Tell you moving specialist if you need UNPACKING of your boxes on the other end. The more you communicate - the better is your result.

  • ​READ! Are you a reader? Do you believe it is important to take the time and see what's in the contract? Not reading, or at least "scanning-over" your contract is the worst mistake you can make. As it was well-said in one of the block-buster movies, "It is not the people that we don't trust, it's the Devil in them". Be prepared. Be vigilant. And your move will be a total joy!

Step Three - RELOCATE


When your moving company is selected right, the next step is really great - you get to watch the work of professional movers. However, there are some important steps you need to take to be ready:

  • Make sure you have done your part of the contract: If you said "I'm packing all my dishes", don't expect movers to provide you with boxes and paper for that.
  • ​Set ASIDE those things that are NOT going on the truck. We mean like SEALED in a closet with a sign "DO NOT TOUCH" on the door. This is SPECIALLY important for a long-distance move. - once it is on the truck - no getting it back for... some time.


  • ​​Meet your crew at the door and find out who is the "Foreman" - he is the guy to have MOST of your communication with. Have a walk through your home with this man and go over ALL important details with him. Don't take it on "faith" that he's talked to your representative - make sure he hears from you what's important. 
  • DO NOT be late for your own move... that will usually cost you :)
  • When all the loading is done make ANOTHER walk-through with your foreman - make sure nothing is stashed and forgotten is some corner of your home. Nobody knows that place better than you do!